Personal Training

Aging is unavoidable, but getting old is not.

Personal training can set you on the path to feeling better, dodging metabolic diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and cardiac problems, as well as mastery over basic functions like climbing stairs and opening pickle jars. On a higher level, perhaps you want to strengthen your golf or tennis game, and improve your standing at the next tournament.

Getting Started with Personal Training

The first step is to perform some basic assessments to identify any problem areas that need to be addressed, such as a weak core, under/over-active muscles, poor balance, and posture problems. Of course, your desires and schedule are taken into account, and we extensively discuss what you want to get out of our sessions together. It’s a collaborative and ongoing process.

The Gym

Gym based fitness training is what many people think of when the phrase “working out” comes up, and I’ve been involved with strength training since the early 1980s. I’ve belonged to more gyms over the years than I can remember, all with pluses and minuses of course, but Studio Fitness stands alone in my experience. The trainers and regular patrons get to know each other and actively cheer one another on. The space is big enough, but not overwhelming, and is devoid of the unpleasant gym scene that discourages so many from working out, particularly women.


Get in touch for a no obligation tour of the facility, and perhaps even schedule your first workout to try it out. Your future self will thank you! Fitness is ageless.

Woman lifting weight in personal training workout
Patrick Temple is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.